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Israel Geological Society


The Israel Geological Society (IGS) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1954 in order to promote and distribute research and knowledge in the fields of geology and Earth science in Israel. Among its goals are the discussion of problems and issues related to various fields in Earth sciences and the unification of those who practice them in universities, research institutes, industrial companies and related governmental ministries.

Become a Member

Membership in the Israel Geological Society is open to anyone interested in geology, Earth sciences and related fields, and who wishes to engage in relevant activity and discussions, with special interest in engaging science-seekers and students in the activities of the society.

Key activities of the society include:

Annual Conference of The Israel Geological Society

Organizing the annual conference of the Israel Geological Society, in order to provide a platform for lectures and poster sessions, presenting and discussing the cutting-edge research carried out in Israeli universities and research institutes in the fields of geology, oceanography, limnology, seismology, cosmology, soil sciences and other related topics. 

Organizing “Earth sciences day”, carried in order to share modern knowledge and observations in the fields of Earth sciences with the broad science-seeker audience.

Earth Science Day

Organizing “Earth Science Day”, in order to share modern knowledge and observations in the fields of Earth sciences with a broader science-seeker audience.


Managing and appointing committee members for choosing appropriate award winners of the awards given by the society. These include annual awards given in the memory of Peretz Grader and Prof. Rafael Freund, an honorary membership in the IGS, and a biannual award for outstanding applicable research .

The Board

The activity of the geological society is organized and carried out by the board members, annually appointed for the position, which they perform voluntarily.

The activities of the society are financed by annual membership fees, institutional support and donations.

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